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Easter Bonanza of Top-Level Domain Names from Easyspace


gTLDs including .pics, .photo, .holiday, .marketing and .pink go live this week

Easyspace has more domain names on offer this week than it has done since the new wave of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) began at the start of this year.

.pics, .photo, .link, .gift, .guitars, and .buzz will be available on a first come first served basis from 5pm today while .holiday and .marketing will be available for immediate purchase from 5pm tomorrow (16th April).

.photo is particularly significant because it is the first time that a singular and plural version of a new gTLD will be live. .photos is already one of the most popular new gTLD. .guru is still proving the most popular.

Finally, there is another batch of gTLDs to come on 17 April. .pink, .red, .kim, .shiksha and .blue will all be available first come first served from 5pm on Thursday.

Sarah Haran, Managing Director of Easyspace, said: “This week offers a domain name extension bonanza to help a wide range of businesses and organisations stand out online. Certainly gTLDs like .marketing will be of interest to marketing agencies while .holiday could be of great benefit to companies specialising in travel packages.”

To purchase the new extensions, and to find out more about other gTLDs due to be released soon, visit the Easyspace domain name portal, call 0370 755 5088



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OpenSSL – A Few Tips On How To Be Safe

You might have noticed  that an OpenSSL advisory has been announced. You can find much more comprehensive information at

First of all – try not to worry – this most probably does not effect you! But please read on…

I am a shared web hosting customer – what do I need to do?
Nothing! Easyspace shared hosting servers have been patched – and your sites and details are safe. Its all part of the service!

I have a managed server – What should I do?
Managed servers with Easyspace (where the customer opted-in to automatic operating system updates) will be patched and updated by our technicians.

I have an un-managed server – What should I do?
Most (if not all) vendors have released patches that are now ready to be installed. These are patched versions of 1.0.1e.

If you update your OpenSSL today or in the future, you’ll have a patched version installed.

After installing the updated OpenSSL package you should restart any system services which depend on SSL encryption, such as HTTP servers, mail servers etc.

For Debian/Ubuntu users:

apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y install openssl libssl1.0.0

For CentOS/RHEL users:

yum -y update openssl

Once the update has completed it is advised to reboot your server to ensure all services are updated and inherit the new OpenSSL version.

What version of OpenSSL is vulnerable?
OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f (inclusive) are vulnerable.

The following distributions that we offer and support are reported to be vulnerable:

  • Debian 7.x “Wheezy” (stable)
  • Ubuntu 12.04.4 “Precise” (LTS)
  • CentOS 6.5

Any older distributions vendor-supplied OpenSSL packages are based on OpenSSL 0.9.8 or 1.0.0, and are not vulnerable.
We have prepared further instructions and information in this PDF >Please click here >>

What can this vulnerability actually do?
The bug allows malicious clients to view 65Kb chunks of decrypted system memory. This can be done many times to build a picture of the contents of your system memory (RAM). This *could* be used to disclose information such as the SSL private key; the private counterpart to your public SSL certificate.

Need more help?
As usual, if you have any further questions, please get in touch with us via the usual support channels.

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A Bouquet of New Domain Names


A bouquet of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) including .florist is available today from Easyspace

.florist, .coffee, .house, .international and .solar

All five gTLDs are available on a first come first served basis.

Sarah Haran, Managing Director of Easyspace, said: “This latest collection of generic Top-Level Domains gives small to medium sized businesses the chance to create a specific online identify while for bigger enterprises it’s all about brand name protection. Florists, cafes, coffee companies, estate agents and businesses that install solar panels can all give themselves a better online identity by using these domain names.”

To purchase the new gTLDs, and for find out more about the other gTLDs due to be released soon, visit the Easyspace domain name web portal

The portal has specific information for trademark holders.

You can also call 0370 755 5088


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5 New Domain Names Released: .education .institute .repair .glass .camp


5 new Domain Names were released today by Easyspace: .education .institute .repair .glass .camp

Two of these new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) are aimed at the education sector and are available to purchase today from ICANN accredited UK domain name provider Easyspace: .education .institute Continue reading

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How to set up your email address for your new domain name


Using an email address based on your domain name will help you look more professional and you can create a different email address for each employee, friend or family member. You can use your Professional email account to be a standalone mail box and you can access it on the move using your smart phone. However if you are a technophobe and like Gmail/Hotmail we can send all email on your domain to your existing address and won’t tell anyone. Continue reading

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Are you looking for .Solutions, .Support, .Training ?

5 new domain name extensions have been released today by Easyspace: .Solutions, .Support, .Training, .Email and .Builders.

As is standard, these domain name extensions will be available on a first come, first served basis from the Easyspace website Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Popular New gTLD Domain Names….. so far


The last few weeks have been a busy time at Easyspace HQ. Every week a number of new domain name extensions (gTLDs) are released for the very first time – domain extensions such as .GURU, .TIPS, .BIKE, etc – times have changed from the days when you could only register traditional domain names such as .COM, .CO.UK, .NET, etc. This year will see the release of hundreds of new domain extensions, all offering huge opportunities – so don’t miss out. Continue reading

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Interview with Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko


Brian Dean is an SEO expert. His business Backlinko provides SEO training and strategies. He offers first-rate advice on link building, SEO, content marketing and monetization. After reading Tim Ferriss’ book The Four Hour Workweek, Brian was inspired to become an online entrepreneur – eventually setting up numerous websites and learning from his success & failures. Since February of 2010 he’s been living the dream: working as a digital nomad and traveling in countries like Thailand, Japan, Spain, and Turkey. He currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Continue reading

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8 New Domains Released – including .COMPANY


8 new domain name extensions have been released today, many of which will appeal to business organisations such as: .Company, .Management, .Computer, .Systems and .Center. Continue reading

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New domains released: .CAB, .LIMO, .DOMAINS, .TATTOO and .SEXY


Five more domain name extensions have been made available today from Easyspace: .CAB, .LIMO, .DOMAINS, .TATTOO and .SEXY. Continue reading

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